Science Brooches and Badges

A collection of science brooches and badges. If you wish to purchase any of my items please visit my Etsy page. If you don’t find what you are looking for please contact me to see if I can help.

Chemistry Brooches

Royal Mail issued a set of stamps in 1977 to celebrate the centenary of the Royal Institute of Chemistry.

Chromatography – Starch Badge

Starch is separated into fractions on a filter paper strip by descending paper chromatography in iodine vapor.

Starch brooch- Chromatography - Chemistry - science brooches
Starch – Chromatography

Steroids – Conformational Analysis Badge

British chemist Sir Derek Barton won the 1969 Nobel Prize for his work on conformational analysis.

Steroids - Conformational Analysis - Chemistry badge
Steroids – Conformational Analysis

Salt – Chrystallography Badge

Salt brooch- Chrystallography - Chemistry - Science badges
Salt – Chrystallography

Synthesis of Vitamin C Badge

Vitamin C Synthesis - Chemistry brooch- Stamp Style science brooches
Vitamin C Synthesis

Royal Society Brooches – 350th Anniversary

Sir Isaac Newton brooch

Sir Isaac Newton science brooch - Royal Society Scientist badge
Sir Isaac Newton

Benjamin Franklin brooch

Benjamin Franklin brooch - Royal Society

Nicholas Shackleton brooch

Nicholas Shackleton brooch - Royal Society

Charles Babbage brooch

Charles Babbage brooch - Royal Society - scientist brooches

Ernest Rutherford brooch

Ernest Rutherford brooch - Royal Society

Dorothy Hodgkin brooch

Dorothy Hodgkin science brooch - Royal Society

Alfred Russel Wallace brooch

Alfred Russel Wallace scientist brooch - Royal Society anniversary

Joseph Lister brooch

Joseph Lister science brooch - Royal Society

Robert Boyle brooch

Robert Boyle brooch - Royal Society

Edward Jenner brooch

Edward Jenner brooch - Royal Society 350th anniversary science brooches

Sundry Science brooches

Radar brooch

Radar brooch - British Discovery stamp - science badges

Microphones brooch

These six microphones were used by the BBC from the start at Savoy Hill up until the 1970’s. They show the gradual development for more compact and lighter units.

Microphones brooch, BBC and Broadcasting history, 1972

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