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Brooches and Badges

Choose a design from my diverse range of brooches and badges. These brooches and badges add an artistic touch to any outfit. There are over 300 individual images to choose from.

Wear a stylish sensation from the Stamp Style collection.

Combining unique and uncommon materials creates a brooch that is both contemporary and striking, offering an alternative to conventional jewellery. This is not jewellery that is made in a factory, every piece is made by hand. Each brooch and badge is a small work of art.

From Art to Animals, Science to Smiles, Film Stars to Fashion, Enid Blyton to Ecology, Music to Memories and a big collection of Christmas brooches to name just a few, there is bound to be something that catches your eye (and those of others when wearing it). As well as all the brooches on show there are many others available so if you don’t see something that you were looking for please email me and ask if I have what you want in stock.

Original limited edition postage stamps are used to make every hand crafted item. This makes each piece of jewellery unique. Your quirky, fun badge will make you stand out amongst the crowd. Wear them at a convention, festival or just hanging-out with friends.

Add one of these unique badges or brooches to your clothing and say something about what you enjoy reading, watching or listening to.  A pin that is unique and will enhance any item of clothing. 

Bowie album cover brooches on coat cuffs

I have a large collection of brooches and badges covering many different subjects. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the website please email to ask if I have what you are looking for in stock.


Please visit my Etsy page if you wish to purchase any of my items .

Thank you for looking at my items of wearable art.

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