Enid Blyton Brooches

A collection of unique and stylish Enid Blyton brooches. I have a variety of different brooches including the Famous Five, Noddy, Secret Seven and many more. If you can’t find a particular Enid Blyton brooch you are looking for please email me.

Secret Seven Brooch

Secret Seven brooch  - Enid Blyton badge
Secret Seven

Famous Five Brooch

Famous Five brooch   with Timmy the dog - Enid Blyton badge
Famous Five

Malory Towers Brooch

Malory Towers brooch - Enid Blyton badge
Malory Towers

Noddy and Big Ears Brooch

Noddy and Big Ears brooch  - Enid Blyton badge
Noddy and Big Ears

Faraway Tree Brooch

Faraway Tree brooch  - Enid Blyton
Faraway Tree
Faraway Tree - Close Up - Enid Blyton badge
Faraway Tree – Close Up

As it’s not possible to show my complete range of Enid Blyton brooches on my website or Etsy if you can’t find a particular item please contact me as I might be able to help.