Sports Brooches

A collection of sports brooches. Includes a variety of subjects such as cricket, football, racquet sports, golf and sailing.

Sailing Brooches

The stamps used in these badges were designed by Andrew Restall and issued in 1975 by the Royal Mail. These beautiful sailing craft illustrations make eye catching accessories.  Rich colour combinations give a vibrant quality to each postage stamp design. White framing highlights and accentuates both the drawing and the colour palette.

Cruising Yachts

Cruising yachts brooch
Cruising Yachts

Multi Hulls

Multihull sailing craft - badge

Racing Keels Boats

Racing Keel boats brooch
Racing Keel Boats

Sailing Dinghies

Sailing dinghies - badge
Sailing Dinghies

Racquet Sports Badges

Royal Mail issued a series of stamps in January 1977 celebrating racquet sports. These stylish stamps provide the subjects for a unique series of badges.


A badge showing the path of a shuttlecock during a badminton rally.

Badminton sports brooch - Andrew Restall
Badminton – Andrew Restall

Lawn Tennis

This badge features a stamp celebrating the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships Centenary.

Lawn Tennis sports brooch - Andrew Restall
Lawn Tennis – Andrew Restall


This squash badge shows the path of a squash ball during a rally between 2 players.

Squash badge - based on Royal Mail stamp by Andrew Restall
Squash – Andrew Restall

Table Tennis

This badge also shows the path of a ball, this time during a table tennis rally.

Table Tennis brooch - Andrew Restall sports stamp
Table Tennis – Andrew Restall

Cricket Brooches

W G Grace brooch

W G Grace cricket brooch -from original drawing by Harry Furniss

Football Brooches

Bobby Moore brooch

Bobby Moore with World Cup - Football brooch

Golf Brooches

The 18th Hole at Muirfield brooch

The 18th Hole at Muirfield brooch - golf badge or pin

As it’s not possible to show my complete range of sports brooches on my website or Etsy if you can’t find a particular item please contact me as I might be able to help.