How To Wear A Brooch

Do you want to know how to wear a brooch? Well if so you’ve come to the right place as we have plenty of ideas on different ways to show off your brooches.

Where is a brooch worn? Everywhere!

Mona Lisa wearing a Mona Lisa brooch

In Your Hair

Let’s start at the top.

You certainly have plenty of options for wearing your brooch in your hair. You can display it in the same way that you would wear a hair clip. This shows off your unique piece of jewellery with no distractions.

Brooch worn in hair

Alternatively you can attach a brooch to your hat, beret or any other type of headwear. If you don’t wish to fix the brooch directly to your hat you can pin it to a ribbon tied round your hat.

How to Wear a Brooch - Wearing a brooch on a hat - Chewbacca brooch on faux hat
Wearing a brooch on a hat

Add a Brooch To Your Jacket

Probably the most traditional way to wear a brooch or pin is by adding it to your jacket or coat.

Deciding on where to pin a brooch on your jacket is really a matter of personal preference. However here are some suggestions (and images) showing some of the best locations.

The most popular place for a brooch is on the lapel of a jacket or the collar of a coat. If you are interested in the history of brooches then we can recommend an excellent article written by the Jewellery Editor

Pink Flower Brooch on Lapel of Jacket
Brooch on jacket lapel

A brooch can also be added to the pocket of your jacket, blouse or shirt.

Brooch worn on pocket
Brooch on pocket

If you want a different, less traditional look then why not try adding a brooch to the sleeve of your jacket? You can also make even more of a statement by wearing a pair of brooches with one on each sleeve.

Wearing a badge on single cuff of coat

You could use a traditional style like a flower brooch or go for a pair of brooches reflecting an artist or programme you love, perhaps a pair of David Bowie brooches?

Two Bowie Album Cover Brooches on Coat Cuffs

Pin A Brooch To Your Jumper

As well as being a great accessory for all your coats and jackets your brooch will also look great when worn on a jumper.

Hulk pin on jumper
Brooch on jumper

Use a Brooch as a Fastening – Sari, Blouse or Dress

You can also use a brooch or pin to help fasten your clothing. This works well on many items of clothing including on a sari (spree), blouse or dress.

Brooch fastening on sari - how to wear a brooch
Brooch on sari
Rose Flower Brooch Pinned to Blouse - Using a Brooch to Fasten Clothing
Brooch on blouse fastening

Wearing a Brooch on a Hat

You can add a brooch to spice up the look of a hat. The brooch can be added straight to the body of the hat, or you might want to fix it to a ribbon or band on the hat.

Passionflower Brooch on a Hat
Brooch on straw hat