Science Fiction Brooches

A selection of my science fiction brooches on show here. As always if you don’t see the subject you are looking for please email me to see if I have what you want in stock.

Herbert George Wells (1866-1946) remains one of Britain’s best known writers.

The Royal Mail issued a set of 4 stamps in 1995 to recognise Wells’ writing. Siobhan Keaney provided the illustrations for this set of stamps.

Time Travel Brooch

The Time Machine brooch - H G-Wells-Siobhan-Keany - Stamp Style badge
The Time Machine -HG Wells-Siobhan Keany

‘The Time Machine’ (1895) was his astonishing debut on the scene of world literature which set the form for this genre of writing. 

Space Travel Brooch

The First Men in the Moon brooch - HG Wells-Siobhan Keany -
The First Men in the Moon – HG Wells-Siobhan Keany

 ‘The First Men in the Moon’ (1901) set the standard for space travel writing.

Alien Invasion Brooch

The War of the Worlds brooch - HG Wells - Stamp Style science fiction badge
The War of the Worlds – HG Wells

‘The War of the Worlds’ (1898) theme was alien invasion.  It was another triumph in SF writing and influenced both radio and film adaptations.

Futuristic Society Brooch

The Shape of Things To Come - HG Wells brooch -
The Shape of Things To Come – HG Wells

‘The Shape of Things to Come’ appeared in 1933 and Wells speculates on the state of human affairs into the future

Wells also scripted the classic 1936 film, ‘Things to Come’.

As it’s not possible to show my complete range of science fiction brooches on my website or Etsy if you can’t find a particular item please contact me as I might be able to help.