Dad’s Army Brooches

Here are a selection of my Dad’s Army brooches and badges. As ever if you don’t see what you are looking for please email me and I will see if I can help. All purchases to be made via my Etsy page.

Captain Mainwaring Badge

The character of Captain George Mainwaring was played by Arthur Lowe. He was the local bank manager for Swallow Bank in Walmington-on-Sea.

Dad's Army Brooch, Captain Mainwaring, Arthur Lowe, You stupid boy.

Sergeant Wilson Badge

The character of Sergeant Arthur Wilson was played by John Le Mesurier. He was the chief bank clerk for Swallow’s Bank under Captain Mainwaring. He was in a relationship with Mavis Pike, mother of Private Frank Pike. Frank often called Sergeant Wilson “Uncle Arthur”.

Dad's Army Brooch, Sergeant Wilson, John  Le Mesurier, Do you think that's wise, sir?

Lance Corporal Jones Badge

Clive Dunn played the character of Lance Corporal Jack Jones, one of the oldest member’s of the platoon. He was the butcher for Walmington-on-Sea assisted by a local boy called Raymonde.

Dad's Army Brooch, Lance Corporal Jones, Clive Dunn, Don't panic! Don't panic!

Private Godfrey Badge

The character of Private Charles Godfrey was played by Arnold Ridley. He was a retired assistant from the Civil Service Stores. He lives in Cherry Tree Cottage with his sisters Dolly and Cissy. Dolly is known for her upside-down cakes.

Dad's Army, Private Godfrey, Arnold Ridley, Do you think I might be excused?

Private Frazer Brooch

Private James Frazer is a platoon member and the local undertaker in Walmington-on-Sea. The character was portrayed by John Laurie.

Dad's Army Brooch, Private Frazer, John Laurie, We're doomed.  Doomed!

Private Walker Badge

The character of Private Joe Walker was played by James Beck. He was a black market Spiv or, as he liked to call himself, a Wholesales Supplier.

Dad's Army Brooch, Private Walker, James Beck, It won't cost you much. . . .

Private Pike Badge

The character Private Frank Pike was played by Ian Lavender. He is the junior bank clerk for Swallow’s Bank.

Dad's Army Brooch, Private Pike, Ian Lavender, I'll tell Mum!

Chief Warden Hodges Badge

The character of Chief ARP Warden William Hodges was played by Bill Pertwee. He was the greengrocer for Walmington-on Sea and was given the power of Chief Air Raid Warden for the seaside town at the outbreak of war.

Dad's Army Brooch, Chief ARP Warden Hodges, Bill Pertwee, Put that light out.

As it’s not possible to show my complete range of Dad’s Army brooches and badges on my website or Etsy if you can’t find a particular item please contact me as I might be able to help.

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